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Dental Implants


Funny thing about teeth…We don’t think we need them…we willfully neglect them, but when we lose a tooth, it’s a big psychological deal. Nobody loves a toothless look! A gap or extra space created by missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to go awry, the gums to shrink and the face to sink in. but, today It is possible to get new, natural–looking teeth, with accompanying roots that are just as strong ,if not stronger, than your original teeth in one hour appointment involving “amazingly little pain”.

Implants are the modern choice for tooth replacement. They are the next best thing to growing your own teeth. No adhesives, no embarrassing slipping, no “teeth-in-a-glass” at night. With dental implants, not only can you can laugh, bite, and chew just as you would with your natural teeth; they also look, feel and function like natural teeth. Anchored in the jaw, implants replace the roots of teeth that have been lost through injury, decay and gum disease and can serve as the base for ceramic or porcelain crowns.

If you have a bridge, it can be secured in place with implants. If you’ve lost all of your back teeth, and have no tooth on which to anchor a bridge implants may be the only means of restoring full function to your mouth Implants can secure dentures, too. That means no more wobbling and no more irritated gum tissues or gooey adhesives in your mouth. You can confidently chew on otherwise tricky beefsteak, corn on the cob or an apple-and taste it better too. Since upper dentures cove the palate, where some of our taste buds and olfactory sensors are located.

Implants are kind to surrounding teeth, no need to file them down to prepare for bridgework. Once in place implants impede progressive jawbone loss by mimicking tooth roots. Every day, more people are discovering the wonders of dental implants-one of the most exciting developments in contemporary dentistry. Now we even offer metal free Zirconia Implants!

Your Ideal Smile Doesn’t Have to Wait

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