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Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

  1. Gum recession, from aging, general wear and tear, grinding or over-brushing can result in a root sensitivity which in turn can cause a sharp pain that quickly goes away-think of the kind f pain that you get when your are drinking a cold beverage.
  2. Advanced tooth decay, excessive teeth grinding, teeth hitting each other too hard and outside trauma (like a punch in the mouth) can all produce nerve damage, which feels like a lingering unremitting dull ache.
  3. A pulsating throb is often a sign of acute infection, involving a breakdown of the pulp deep within the tooth, and may be accompanies by inflammation and a swollen face. This can cause some of the most severe pain in the body, right up there with kidney stones.
  4. Heat sensitivity is not a good sign. It means a crack, abscess or deep decay.
  5. Small cavities can cause sensitivity to heat as well as to cold
  6. Teeth-zinging feeling when you eat is a likely indicator of tooth decay
  7. A crack in the tooth-even a minute fracture-can cause a sharp pain either when you bite or when you release your bite
  8. Gum recession, inflammation, and a general build-up of plaque=typically caused by an overabundance of bacteria in the mouth can all produce a dull ache, not limited to one tooth.
  9. If you wake up in the morning with a sharp, sporadic pain, perhaps accompainied by muscle ache, a likely cause is tooth –grinding, which tends to take place while you sleep
  10. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause an intermittent dull, throbbing pain at the back of the jaw in the neighboring second molars.

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