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If you’ve ever cracked a tooth that had a large silver amalgam filling or broken a tooth due to decay, you may need a crown, to restore the function and look of your tooth. Usually after a large chunk has broken off or has been eaten by decay, there is not enough tooth structure left to support the tooth. Crowns provide support to remaining tooth and act like a ring-around- the- barrel to hold all the pieces togethers. Crowns can be made of metals such as gold, or combination of porcelain and metal(PFM) or Porcelain (glass). We prefer to use the best material available to make our crowns a naturally occurring material called Zirconia.

Zirconia crowns are ten times stronger than enamel. They are so hard that you could drive your car over it and they would not break. Not only are they “Superman “strong but also appear so natural looking, that even while dancing in a club, under the black light, no one will notice that there is a crown. Zirconia crowns does not attract bacteria and because they are a naturally occurring element they are not toxic.

Getting a crown is a simple two step process. On the first visit, we restore the tooth with a build up and prepare it for a crown. Two weeks later, the crown is done and you return for a placement.

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